ERGOGAT SML S.A. was established by experienced technical and business members having as its strategic objective the investment in private projects, the development and construction of model housing and moderate living areas, the construction of holiday and urban houses for sale or rent.

The company is directed by a board of three members with the position of President and Managing Director held by Mr. Panayiotis Siounas.

ERGOKAT SML S.A. possesses from the moment of launching the organizational and constructional expertise, based on the skills of its well-experienced and tested members, who established themselves in the past in the area of production and management of massive and complex structures along with the long developing journey of ΕΡΓΟΚΑΤ S.A.

At the same time, the knowledge of the property market along with the reliance which surrounds the company and its members guarantee the company’s positive development.

Operating on Paros since 2006, the company constructs residences of Cycladic architecture with respect to the environment and bioclimatic design, using traditional materials which are combined with modern ergonomics.

48 residences have been constructed so far in the area ‘’Golden Beach’’ (Hrissi Akti), each one of which brings its own distinct architectural identity.  The company is going on constructing model homes always based on the principles of protecting the environment and natural resources.

In terms of independence, autonomy, open air spaces sheltered from the wind providing wide yards and gardens.

The volume sharing allows flexibility in their use, but it also offers a view to the sea and to all of the main indoor and outdoor areas.

Some of the design aspects are appropriate orientation, adjustment to the terrain, the use of solar energy, natural light, correct ventilation, material choice, water management, biological disposal of waste.

A package with full coverage of home, pool and garden surveillance and maintenance services is provided in close, long-term collaboration with the operating and property rental company Locate Cyclades.

For the owners who are interested, there is also the possibility to make their house available for rent for as long as they wish, so as to cover the running costs and have an additional income.